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Welcome to Sphire Fest! This proposal outlines the expectation for our top quality vendors/Sponsors joining us May 14th for a day of Health and Wellness education to consumers wanting to live a healthier life.


"Because the one thing you want to do is LOVE, and that love should begin with you. Once you love you, you love the whole world. It's delicous to love everybody, and everything." ~ Dr. Sebi


MSUU SPA SERVICES, LLC, founded in 2021 was started to aid in educating those seeking to take charge of their health. It is our first annual festival to achieve the mission of helping those wanting to learn more about keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy during these times. 

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It's important now more than ever to promote a healthy way of living by educating our community on the proper nutrition, fitness guidance and providing activity to decrease stress and anxiety. Join us in providing your top tier business offering to our 2000+ festival goers.

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"Inner peace is not dependent on circumstances or external situations. Inner peace comes from within you."


Extraordinary returns

Mega Sponsors will see a 56% increase in click-through conversions on their Facebook campaigns. In general, vendors/sponsors will see a 13% increase in their sales in the 3 week period following the Sphire festival event.


We offer a variety of sponsorship packages, and we are open to negotiating where necessary. Your participation as a sponsor will increase your brand awareness, increase sales, and gain you nobility within the community.


Select a sponsor package below. Please kindly reply by Friday, February  11th, to secure your position for the event.

Sponsor Packages


May 14, 2022

Silver Sponsor Package $400    

Free table at event, Branding on amenities.


May 14, 2022

Gold Sponsor Package $700 

Free table at event, Branding on amenities, tents and entrance, Logo on step and repeat    


May  14, 2022

Platinum Sponsor Package $1200   

Free table at event, Branding on amenities, tents, entrance, Logo on step and repeat, Mentions on Social Media, VIP Catered Lunch

If you would like to donate to Sphire Fest click the Donations button below.  We greatly appreciate any amount towards hosting a successful event.

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