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Thank You for your interest in the MSUU Spa Work Ergonomics/Health and Wellness services. MSUU Spa will serve as a liaison to provide services that are tailored toward your company's needs. A business of any size, and capacity can achieve success through components such as sustainability, education, efficiency, balance, and recuperation. MSUU Spa will provide this solution for you. Our services include, and are not limited to in-house chair massage, lunch and learns, personal fitness classes, weight loss management/meal plans, corporate breath work, health screening events, employee appreciation events, chiropractic care. and insurance needs. See below to learn more.





MSUU Spa Work Ergonomics

Human factors and work ergonomics play a big role in how employees perform on their job. Human factors and work ergonomics can assist with making the work environment safer and more conducive. We have highly skilled work ergonomics specialists who are also well versed in Kinesiology that will come, and consult with your business to meet your needs.

MSUU Spa Work Ergonomics Remote

Human factors and work ergonomics remote play a big role in how employees perform on their job at home. Human factors and work ergonomics can assist with making the home-work environment safer and more conducive. We have highly skilled work ergonomics specialists that will come, and consult with your business on handling remote employees.

Sports Injury



MSUU Massage Services


Massage services in the work environment can help employees relieve stress, understand their body health and help them relax during the stressful work day.  Below are the spa services offered to employees:

MSUU Spa Services In-house Chair Massage

When employees are relaxed, they feel more energized and productive. Employees that sit at a computer all day are prone to having chronic back pain and fatigue muscles. We have a team of professional massage therapists who can come into your work environment and perform chair massage at anytime during the workday.

MSUU Spa Services  Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of preventative healthcare options. Therapeutic massage can help with circulation, relaxation, stress relief, and improves your overall well-being. We offer over 10 different massage modalities to meet the needs of the company and individuals. Our therapeutic massage services range from neuromuscular therapy, shiatsu, cupping, and so much more! All of our therapists have over 10 to 20 years of experience and will strive to make your massage beneficial and pleasant.

Physical Therapist



MSUU Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness in the work environment can help improve employee joint pain, prevent muscle tension and promote a healthy lifestyle in general. Below are the medical wellness services offered:

MSUU Medical Wellness I Chiropractic Care

Sitting for extended hours on end can be very exhausting and compromises your posture by causing chronic lower back pain. We have Doctors of Chiropractic care on staff that can come into your workplace to perform consultations and spinal adjustments. 


MSUU Medical Wellness II  Needleless Acupuncture

Needleless acupuncture is a painless and safe alternative that relieves chronic muscle tension without the discomfort of needles. This procedure is very beneficial for pain management, relaxation and circulation.

Meetup Event


MSUU Health and Wellness

Making sure your employees are aware of their overall health and Wellness in the work environment can significantly improve employee stress, disease prevention, increased energy and can create an overall happy and healthy work space. Below are the health and wellness services offered to aid in improving work/life balance:

MSUU Health and Wellness I Weight loss Management

Our corporate weight loss management programs target professionals who want to lose weight in a healthy way, but have limited time to do so. We have nutritionists who can assist with devising healthy meal plans, exercise routines, supplement advice, and detox methods to shed fat and toxins out of the body. 

MSUU Health and Wellness II Private and Group Yoga Sessions

Yoga is an amazing way to eliminate stress, increase agility, and improve stamina. We provide yoga classes during lunch hours or after work. We have certified yoga instructors who are available to come into your workplace or home to help guide you to achieve proper yoga poses to build strength, practice balance and teach appropriate breathing techniques to warm the muscles.

MSUU Health and Wellness II Breathwork Coaching/Meditation

Liberation Breathing is a gentle, yet very powerful process of harnessing the Divine Energy or Prana into your physical and subtle bodies and blessing you with deep healing and spiritual purificaiton. Conscious connected breathing frees you from victim consciousness, negative thinking, and unconscious, self-sabotaging patterns. Through Liberation Breathing forgiveness of self and others occurs spontaneously because a deeper understanding unfolds as we breath into our hearts and reconnects with our higher selves.

MSUU Health and Wellness IV Corporate Breath Work

Breathing is very important to the sustainment of the body and its functionality. We believe that having proper breathing techniques can increase productivity, and help employees focus more clearly throughout the workday. We have a staff of skilled Breath Coaches to come into any work environment and hold breath work sessions. Breath work is similar to that of meditation as it calms the body and clears the mind in a manner of minutes. 

MSUU Health and Wellness V Health Screening Events

Having routine health screenings in the workplace can help reduce the risk of absenteeism and various stress related illnesses. A lot of health related problems and diseases if addressed early could save your life. OUr vendors and health care professionals come in and provide materials and assessments that could educate employees on how to better take care of their health. All of our vendors and health care professionals follow the latest guidelines, protocols and use the best equipment to assure quality health screenings.

MSUU Health and Wellness VI Employee Appreciation Events

Employees work hard and sometimes companies want a way to say “Thank You” for all the hard work. We can coordinate breakfast and lunch catering , dinner parties, mixers, in office gatherings, game nights and much more!

Team Lunch



MSUU Health and Wellness EDUCATION

Lunch and Learns are geared towards personal and career growth topics that educate employees on numerous collateral topics such as: General health and nutrition, Mindful diet choices, Productivity and Financial Advice.

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